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Romance of Three Kingdoms 14: Table for Cheat Engine {TheByteSize}

Here is basic table.

  • Add 99 of each tactic books on List view - Scroll from top to bottom to update all QTY
  • Inf Decree
  • Stats Cap - raised to 9999 - see below for detail
  • Doctrine EXP - you must update base address for this to work. Set Update Flag to YES then go into Administration Screen to update.
  • City Data
  • Castle/Gate/Province Data
  • Automation - see below for detail
    1. NPC Stomp Mode - All Provinces that are not in Castle List will gain 0 resource(s) if the Revenue script(s) is enabled.
    2. Fast Facilities Growth - Add 1K EXP(max) per turn. So you need 3 turns to complete all 3 categories.
    3. Revenue - Money Mult
    4. Revenue - Supply Mult
    5. Revenue - Troops Mult
    6. Fast Population
    7. Inf Money
    8. Inf Supply
    9. Inf Troops
  • Battle Unit Data - Troops and Morale
  • Commander Data - You can edit most data as of Update1
  • Treasure Value 1 - turn this on during prisoner exchange if you want to steal a treasure from requester. If the list is long, scroll up/down to update. Otherwise, reopen the list screen should update values.
  • Treasure Data - Some basic editing, stats reset on new game or load game.


Stats Cap:
The script will raise stats cap to 9999 from 120 it will also remove base stats cap of 100 except for Charisma.
If you set your commander stats higher than 100, leave this script enabled before loading game so you don't need to re-enter modified stats.
The Cheat Stats will take any stat that is set to 255 to max stats you can adjust max stats to your desired value(999 is default).
Leadership 5000 will make your troops does about 42K per tick.

For orange color scripts under Automation to work properly, you must populate Castle List. You have a Script and Flag to use to update the list.

  1. Update Castle List(red) - activate this then go into menu and view Castles controlled by you. Scroll all the way to bottom. The list should get populated with pointers of Castle/Province that you control. Then turn it off when you're done. If you view all Castle/Province list. This scripts will potentially add all 46 Castle/Province into the list.
  2. Add/Remove Castle from List(blue) - depend on what you set on the Flag, the main Castle/Province/Gate Data script will remove or add a Castle/Province from the list as you mouse over one.
  3. NPC Stomp mode - For each Revenue Script is enabled, Province that is not in Castle List will gain 0 respective resource at beginning of the month.

Author: TheByteSize

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