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Ruined King: A League of Legends Story - Table for Cheat Engine {GreenHouse}


- Infinite Health
You won't die no matter how many times you're hit.

- One Hit Kill
All Enemies will die with just one hit.

- Free Camera
You'll be able to control the camera freely around the map, while out of combat.

- Automatically Win Combats
You'll automatically win all combats upon starting them.

- Faster Sprint
The character will sprint faster than normal. You can also change the speed of it.

- Show All Bestiary Entries
All bestiary entries will be visible, so if you like checking character models, you'll be able to see all of them.

- Infinite Blue Mana
Blue mana won't decrease.

- Infinite Red Mana
Red mana won't decrease.

- Free Ability Upgrades
All ability upgrades will be free of cost.

- No Debuffs
Your team won't get any debuffs.

- All Hero Skins Available
All hero skins will be available to use on all heroes.

- [Editable Values] Gold and Shadow Coins
Change gold and shadow coins to any number that you want.

- [Editable Values] Probability of Fleeing Succesfully
Change the probability of fleeing combat succesfully. Default is 40, and 100 will make it always be successful.

- [Editable Values] Max Fighter Level
Change the maximum level that all characters can get. Default is 30.

- [Editable Values] Inventory
This group will have inventory slots from 0 to 20 in which you'll be able to change the quantity that you have.

- [Editable Values] Current Character
Change all the stats from the current character that you have selected. Basic things like health, mana, level, experience, experience rate, immunity, to others more advanced.

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