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Ruvato: Original Complex - Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Infinite Health *Hotkey Included* (You need get hit first at the beginning and then activate this cheat. After that you need to do a stage restart)
Infinite Shield Armor *Hotkey Included* (You need to lose some shield by blocking. Only then you can activate this cheat)
Infinite Dash *Hotkey Included* (You need to perform a dash action first and then activate this cheat)
Skills No Cooldown *Hotkey Included* (Use a skill and then activate this cheat. All skills upgraded or unlock will have not have cooldown)
1k Attack *Hotkey Included* (You need to attack and defeat an enemy first. After the enemy is defeated, there will be an attack cooldown. Before the cooldown ended, activate this cheat. It will produce an easy kill or One Hit Kill effect. Try using the fire skill attack which will kill all enemies within range)
10 Million Skill Points *Hotkey Included* (Skill points are acquired at the end of each stage, this cheat needs to remain activated until the end of the next stage)
Time Set to 0 *Hotkey Included* (This will reset the timer to 0)
No Collision *Hotkey Included* (This is make you invincible to certain if not all attacks. You only need to activate the main header and the rest it will detect which is suitable for the current stage. I recommend you pausing the game. This may take a while for it to activate. Also, this may or may not work for you as well)

Author: ndck76

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