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Satisfactory: Table for Cheat Engine v1.15 Build CL#102385 {CheatingMuppet}


Injection point of my scripts have changed.

It no longer relies on the compass to get the coordinates.
This caused some problems before when players didn't have a compass, such as when you're in the very beginning of the game.

Added some pointers for various things.
Step Height
Interact Max Distance
Build Max Distance
Damage Received Multiplier
Player Gravity
Walk Speed
Sprint Speed
Jump Height

For more information on these pointers see the "INFO / HELP" section in the table and scroll down to the bottom.

I've tested these features on my regular pc and my laptop and they work so please if something doesn't work and you expect me fix it for you, follow these instructions:
1. Reply to this thread.
2. Include which cheats are causing problems.
3. Tell me exactly what happens, don't just say "doesn't work". If you get an error, tell me the error. If the debugger opens, tell me. If the log window opens, tell me. Etc, etc.
I will not respond or even attempt to locate any problems if you just say "is broken pls fix". I've got better things to do.

Author: CheatingMuppet

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