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SCUM: Table for Cheat Engine v0.1.17.9119 {JDimensional}

> Inf.Health: Locks the players health at 999. May still be killed by sentries if they headshot you.
> Inf.Stamina: Locks the players stamina at 64.
> Inf.Hydration: Locks the players hydration at 100% or 0 water usage.
> Inf.Energy: Locks the players energy at 100% or 0 calorie usage.
> Stable Temperature: Locks the players temeprature at 37 degress.
> Stable Vitals: Keeps the players vitals stable.
> Max Vitamins: Sets the players vitamins to 328% which is maxed.
> Max Minerals: Sets the players minerals to 328% which is maxed.
> Empty Bladder: Locks the players bladder at 0 stopping the need to pee.
> Empty Colon: Locks the players colon at 0 stopping the need to poo.
> Inf. Blood Volume: Sets the players blood volume to 9 and locks it there.

> No Reload: Adds 30 ammo to the weapons clip and locks it there. No need for magazines just pick up a gun 
and shoot.
> No Recoil: Locks the recoil at zero stopping the gun from going up when you shoot.
> No Spread: Reduces weapon spread (bullets fire in one spot rather than a radius).
> No Sway: Removes weapon sway.

> Max Skills: Sets all skills to their maxed values (benefits gains apply).
> Fame Points: Sets/Locks fame points to 150. (May cause game crash - Use when needed and disable 
when you dont.)
> Instant Respawn (Timer): Removes timer from respawn when you die too many times.

> Teleport (Save/Load/Undo): Teleport the current survivor to any saved place you set up earlier. Save the 
location first, then load to come back or undo to go back to where you came from.

> Movement Speed: 1. Normal Speed. 2. Super Speed. Allows you to pick a speed which will either set to 
normal speed multiplier or x10 speed multiplier.

Vee__: For the method for compact mode. 
Improve: For help finding some values and putting together a few scripts. 

Improve Scripts:
[No Reload, No Recoil, No Spread, No Sway, Max Skills, Instant Respawn, Fame Points]


Author: JDimensional

The source of information - SCUM

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