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SD Gundam G Generation: Cross Rays - Table for Cheat Engine {lampuiho}


  1. Inf EN
  2. Unit EXP Multiplier
  3. Pilot EXP Multiplier
  4. Maxing "Get" after attacking
  5. Develop/Exchange fake max level so you can develop into all 4 possible mechs and having highest level exchange options
  6. ↑ Also, you can now override the exchange score. You get max possible exchange at 1500. Set to 0 to use original formula.
  7. Unlimited movement (also unlimited warship and raid link-up)
  8. Character Stat Editor (go to character list/form group to open stats to get the pointer, it changes the points grew by leveling up, not bought, total stat is calculated by value here plus character's base plus points you buy)
  9. Unlimited purchase of found abilities (still cost capital)
  10. Overriding ability shop's first item in training menu
  11. Replacing level 1/2 abilities with highest level versions in the shop
  12. Pointer to unit upgrade stats so you can respec for free. Just Open the enchance menu once and quit. Then, set everything to 0 to respec and refund all allocated points.

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