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Secrets of Grindea: Table for Cheat Engine {Chiados}

One Hit Kill
Instant Level Up
Infinite Health
Infinite Magic/Summons Don't Restrict Magic
Infinite Money
No Potion Cooldown
Always Catch Fish [IMPROVED!]
Arrows/Items Never Decrease
Infinite Items [Affects Literally Everything]
[SoG.Base] player pointers

Take damage, use magic, summon a creature to activate infinite hp/infinite magic. Drop item, activate x999, drop item again to get x999 of that item. Initiate fishing, catch or drop fish, activate script, fish again and move the box over the fish. It wont move from that spot. Spend money at shop, activate, spend again to give 99999 money.

Take damage, activate SoG.BaseStats, take damage again to populate values. Spend a skillpoint, activate Skillpoints/EXP, refund or spend another skillpoint to populate values.

Author: Chiados

The source of information - Secrets of Grindea

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