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Sengoku Basara 2 (PCSX2): Table for Cheat Engine {hjk7891}


The player character's health won't decrease when attacked. The character will still stagger, but won't ever die.

Infinite Basara
The Basara gauge (blue bar) will always stay completely filled. As a result, the horse boost also becomes infinite, boosting as long as you keep the button pressed (circle).

EXP Multiplier
Multiplies each experience points received by the number you specify (x10 by default).

Gold Multiplier
Multiplies each gold received by the number you specify (x25 by default).

Battle Drive Always Ready
Enables you to any time trigger the battle drive (the luminous glow, L2 button). By default it triggers the battle drive level 3 (redish glow), even if the character is still only able to use the battle drive level 1 (it will work regardless), but you can change in the script the battle drive level you prefer.

Infinite Battle Drive
After the battle drive is triggered, the player character will stay in this mode forever, until the stage is completed.

Always Receive Battle Drive Level 3
After every 100th enemy killed, you will get a battle drive level 3 rightaway instead of level 1, then 2, then 3.

Instant Charged Attack
Launch a fully charged attack with a single tap on the skill button (triangle), instead of having to wait for the attack to finish charging.

Every Hit Is Critical
Increases to 100% the critical hit chance (the big white flash when attacking), regardless of the weapon or items you're using.

Movement Speed Multiplier
Makes the player character run faster by multiplying the movement speed by the number you specify (x1.40 by default).

Miscellaneous static addresses
A collection of static addresses that you can tweak the values. Each character has their own set of static addresses used only by them, so I added only two characters, which includes the stage's basic values and an item selector (currently only for Masamune). When using the item selector, choose the items you want, then save the game and reload, otherwise the changes won't take effect. It also includes character-independent addresses, such as camera coords and experience. I can't guarantee that these addresses will work for you though.

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