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Serious Sam's Bogus Detour: Table for Cheat Engine {MBRKiNG}

-Disable Cheat Detection (has Cheated FLAG)

Using the console does not deactivate the achievements (NO CHEATED FLAG)

press Tilde (^) Key to open the console, some cvars

god Whether the player is invincible. Example: god 1 /enabled - god 0 /disabled
noclip Whether the player can walk through colliding units.
infiniteammo Whether the player has an infinite amount of ammo.
infinitedash Whether the player can dash an infinite amount of times.
turbo Player walking speed multiplier.
give_stars Gives an amount of stars. Example: give_stars 7
listenemies Lists all enemies in the world.
kill Kills the player.
killall Kills all enemies alive in the level.
knowall Unlock all Netricsa messages.
levelup Level up an amount of levels. Example: levelup 5
change_level Switches to the given level. Example: change_level levels/e1m2.lvl
give_ammo Gives an amount of ammo for a weapon. Example: give_ammo rockets 20
give_armor Gives an amount of armor. Example: give_armor 50
give_experience Gives an amount of experience. Example: give_experience 10
give_health Gives an amount of health. Example: give_health 50
give_perk Gives a perk. Example: give_perk flashbang-1

Author: MBRKiNG

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