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Seven: The Days Long Gone (Enhanced Version) - Table for Cheat Engine {acecel}

As i am playing this game and every tables seemed to be old so i decided to share the one i was about to make for myself.
It is made for the Enhanced Version of the game.

For now it is quite simple as it :

- 1) Infinite Health

- 2) Infinite Energy

- 3) Infinite Items
Items are set to 999 on each use/sell

- 4) Infinite Inventory Space 
You don't have the overweight debuff even if you are way over the limit

- 5) Craft Items 50 by 50 (for the cost of only one)
You can edit the value you want inside the script.

I may add a few more in the future but don't quote me on that, i will probably won't have time to do it as usual.

Author: acecel

The source of information - Seven: The Days Long Gone

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