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Shachibato! President, It's Time for Battle! Maju Wars - Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Scripts & Editors
1 Billion Coins *Hotkey Included* {Use when buying an Item/Upgrade. Important: After the value changes to 1 Billion, exit and restart the game. For some reason the game will crash if you decide to purchase/upgrade something after the initial mod to the currency}
Battle UI *Hotkey Included*
Unit Status *Hotkey Included* {You need to be careful this one. I have set the value for allies only but if you end turn, this value will affect the enemies as well. I have added a hotkey for easy value setting. Method of usage is similar to my other tables like Across The Obelisk and Legend Of Keepers}
Unit Data *Hotkey Included*
Record *Hotkey Included*

Author: ndck76

The source of information - Shachibato! President

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