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Shady Lewd Kart: Table for Cheat Engine {Yellowsub}

[*]Unlock Everything (Not Perm) - (Open and Close Shop For A Few Steam Achievments)
[*]Unlock Everything In The Game (PERM) Including All Steam Achievements!

[*]INSTRUCTIONS (READ ME!!) Double Click Script------>
[*]Unlock Everything In Game (PERM) <- Cant Turn On Till In Race - Wont Find AOB ->

[*]<- Put In Todays Date To Unlock ->
[*]Month - (1-12 not 01-12)
[*]Day - (1-31) Not (01-31)

[*]Money (Open Shop Menu)


[*]All Shop Items Cost 0
[*]Everything In Shop Is Available To Buy
[*]Daily Event Bonus - Always Ready
[*]Pit Girl Max Points
[*]Climax Level Max
[*]Player Stats And Kart (Must Be In A Race To Populate)

[*]<- Does Not Work On Time Trials and NoNut Modes. ->
[*]<- This Is Intentional To Keep The Leaderboards Fair->

[*]Total Time
[*]Frozen Time
[*]Time Coins
[*]Check Point Index
[*]Player Controlled
[*]Player Index
[*]Time Since Panty Shower
[*]Cup Points
[*]Cup Points Added


[*]Max Speed
[*]Jumping Power
[*]Boost Power
[*]Layer Scenery
[*]Layer Players
[*]Giant Time
[*]Rubber Banding Multiplyer
[*]Difficulty Multiplyer
[*]Boost Level
[*]Global Velocity
[*]Force Velocity
[*]Ground Normal
[*]Models Rotation
[*]Powerslide Axis
[*]Was Grounded
[*]Ground Point
[*]Hurt Time
[*]Powerslide Duration
[*]Boost Time
[*]Jump Time
[*]Boost Start Charge
[*]Slow Time
[*]Bound Time
[*]Stuck Point
[*]Stuck Time
[*]Turning Stat Bonus
[*]Rotating Value
[*]Mercy Time
[*]Terrain Effect Time
[*]Powerslide Separation Time
[*]Wall Hit Timer
[*]Input Vertical
[*]Input Horizontal
[*]Input Powerslide
[*]Input Jump

[*]AI Cant Move
[*]Be On Last Lap

[*]<- Looks Like The Xmas And Halloween Events Where Removed From The Game ->
[*]<- An Update Could Remove These In The Future ->
[*]Extend Time on Beat The Meat and Year of the Cow Events
[*]Unlock Easter Event

Author: Yellowsub

The source of information - Shady Lewd Kart

DOWNLOAD (30.5 Kb) 2021-Oct-27

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