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She Will Punish Them: Table for Cheat Engine {Yellowsub}


[*]All Characters Stats

[*]<- Open "ESC" Menu Select "Attributes" And Select Companion You Want To Edit ->
[*]Base Address
[*]Character Name
[*]Level / Points

[*]Current Exp
[*]Next Exp Level
[*]Attribute Points
[*]Skill Points


[*]Max Health
[*]Temp Health
[*]Max Mana
[*]Temp Mana
[*]Max Stamina
[*]Is Friendly
[*]Can Add Health
[*]Rage Activated CD
[*]Can Recover Stamina
[*]Max Balance
[*]Add Health Speed
[*]Health Regen
[*]Coin Gain
[*]Fire Damage
[*]Cold Damage
[*]Poison Damage
[*]Lightening Damage
[*]Fireball Damage
[*]Frostbite Damage
[*]On Fire
[*]On Cold
[*]On Poison
[*]On Cold Speed


[*]Fire Resist
[*]Poison Resist
[*]Frost Resist
[*]Shock Resist

[*]Weapon Skills

[*]Dagger Proficiency
[*]Sword Proficiency
[*]Axe Proficiency
[*]Mace Proficiency
[*]Bow Proficiency
[*]Phatom Slashes

[*]Combat Skills

[*]Ignor Pain
[*]Hardened Skin

[*]Magic Skills

[*]Heal Aura
[*]Painful Scream
[*]Elemental Resistence


[*]Golden Hand
[*]Crystal Hunter
[*]Group Combat
[*]Fast learner

[*]Misc Stats

[*]Can Draw Weapon
[*]No Dismemberment
[*]Can attack
[*]Perrying CD
[*]Weapon Index
[*]Can Block
[*]Can Recover Stamina
[*]Is Pulling Bow
[*]Is Rolling
[*]Is Power Attack
[*]Action Locked
[*]Show Armor
[*]Underwear Only
[*]Empty Hash
[*]Special Attack Hash
[*]Hit Hash
[*]Is Dont Load
[*]Max Combat Party Size
[*]Target In Accuracy

[*]Level, Currency, and World Stuff

[*]<- Open Inventory To Get Values ->
[*]Base Address
[*]Cheat Menu (NumPad 1+9)
[*]Cheat Activated
[*]Dungeon Mode Tutorial Displayed
[*]Survival Mode Tutorial Displayed
[*]Home Tutorial Displayed
[*]Hide UI
[*]Auto Lock
[*]Tribute Days
[*]Sieging Days
[*]Siege Wait Time
[*]End Turn Day
[*]Soldier Upgrade Price Modifier
[*]Dynamic Difficulty Modifier
[*]Best Survival Time
[*]Enemy Spawning Limit
[*]Is Adjust Posture
[*]Palace Hint Shown
[*]Map Hint Shown

[*]Character Scripts

[*]GodMode (All Characters)
[*]1 Hit Kill (All Characters)
[*]Inf Stam (All Characters)
[*]Inf Mana (All Characters)
[*]Inf Rage (All Characters)
[*]Inf Arrows (All Characters)
[*]No Key To Open Chests
[*]No Armor Req

[*]Enemy Scripts

[*]No Kick, No Bash Attacks
[*]No Skill Attacks
[*]No Reg Units Attack
[*]No Boss Attack

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