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Shogun 2: Total War - Table for Cheat Engine v1.1.0.6118 Steam {Recifense}


 - RTS:

   - God Mode 

   - Unlimited Ammo (Arrows, Bombs, etc)

 - TBS:

   - Unlimited Movement Points (on strategic map)

   - Recover Troop Size when army/fleet moves (idem)

   - One turn Recruitment (Troops and Ships) 

   - One turn Research (Mastery on Arts) 

   - One turn Construction (Town/Province on strategic map)

   - Minimum Gold (on strategic map) 

   - Pointer to Player's current gold (on strategic map)

   - Pointer to Skill points of select army's officer (on strategic map)

   - Pointer to Player's Agent that last moved (on strategic map)

   - God Mode for Auto-resolve battles (NEW) (S9.0)

   - Quick Level Up (Troops) (NEW)(S9.0) 

   - Agent Can Act Again (NEW)(S9.0)

 - Pointers 

Author: Recifense

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