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Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition: Table for Cheat Engine {Tahtawy}

Here is a cheat table for Money Multiplier (x10) and a part of ++METHOS script from his table. I am not a pro, this is a hack job. ++METHOS cheat table was crashing my game whenever I tried to change my clothing and I did not need all of the options so I removed most of the script and kept only the player speed and game speed parts. Game no longer crashes for me. Health pointer was also left and it is working.

The script now activates much faster. To get it to work:

1. Attach the table to the game.
2. Walk around for a bit
3. Activate the scripts

This is for CODEX release of the game only.

Author: Tahtawy

The source of information - Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

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