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Slime Rancher: Table for Cheat Engine +22 v1.3.1b [Steam] {Bloodybone}


Inf Energy

Inf Health

No Radiactivity

Player Stuff
-Current Energy 
-Current Health
-Current Radiation
-Has Jetpack
-Max Health 
-Max Energy
-Max Rads
-Currency ever collected
-Stop Time? - Stops Time
-World Time - Total Time Spent in the World (Setting it to 0 sets the time to day 1 and 00:00)

Container Base - Hover over the Container you want to edit
-Item Count 
-Item ID - Pastebin Link For ID List


Teleport Activation
- Save Location - Saves the Location -Hotkey Numpad 1
- Teleport to Save - Teleports you to the saved Location -Hotkey Numpad 2

Find Market Base (Shoot in the Plort you wan't to edit)
-Base Value 
-Current Value - The Value you get for selling the Plort (Won't show up on the Market but you get the Newbucks / Every day changes adresses)
-Previous Value - The Value it was worth last day
-Full Saturation 

Tarrs Activate Me First - Before Activating a Tarr has to spawn
-Kill all Tarrs Instantly
-Tarrs have Godmode against Water 

Camera/Controller Stuff
--Shake Amplitude
-Firstperson Controller
--Is Grounded?
--Physics Gravity Modifier
--Motor Acceleration
--Motor Backwards Speed

Gordo Explode on one Food -Activate it and Shoot a Gordo with something it likes an it Explodes instantly

Inf AirNet - The AirNet has infinite durability - Before activating the AirNet has to get damaged!

Market Set - After the Script is activated set whatever you want all the plorts sell for at the New Plort Value and sleep. If you wan't them to go back to normal deactivate the script and sleep again.
-New Plort Value 

Set Slime Hunger Value
-Hunger Value to set

Inf Drone Battery

No Fabricator requirement

Reveal whole Map - Reveals the whole Map doesn't unlock it means if you deactivate the script you can only see the parts of the map you unlocked

Reveal every Gordo/Home Teleporter on the Map - Same as the one before it just reveals Gordos and Home Teleporters

Can Unlock Treasure Pod - You can unlock Treasure Pods even if you don't have the upgrades 

Has Upgrade - You have all the Upgrades until you deactivate the script



Author: Bloodybone

The source of information - Slime Rancher

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