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Soda Dungeon 2: Table for Cheat Engine {Chiados}


Every Other Dungeon Room Is Treasure Room
Enemies Always Have Essence
Buy Max Item
Sell Item For Massive Quantity
Drop Rate Test
[PetData] - Testing/WIP

Note: This table injects code. It may or may not work for you. If you find it doesn't, feel free to try someone elses.

Every Other Dungeon Room Is Treasure Room
- Enable this, fight some monsters until it populates. Change value to enabled or disabled. If enabled, every other dungeon room will be a treasure room.

Enemies Always Have essence
- This makes it so enemies you fight in the dungeon will always drop 5k essence on kill. You can adjust the amount in the script

Buy Max Item
- Provided you have the correct gold amount, whenever you buy an item, you automatically get 999 of that item bought

Sell Item For Massive Quantity
- Sell any item (you must have 1) to have 999 of that item. You can spam click sell on high value items for easy gold

Always Max Drops [Work in progress]
- This /should/ make any mob always drop max drops. Still testing it.

- When in a dungeon, activate this script and kill a few monsters. The values should then populate. You can change the boost level and that will need to be reapplied every time you launch the game. I suggest using this with the cat for item drop increase. Set the boost value to 999999 or something ridiculous.

Author: Chiados

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