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Achievement Unlocker:
A battle of wits
A whole new world
Ah, sweet toxicity!
An easy victory
Back in my days...
Beat 'Em Up
Believe us now?
Champions of the Antiquarians
Champions of the Arcaneum
Champions of the Circle
Champions of the Principality
Champions of the Scavengers
Champions of the Tower
Climbing the ranks
Close shave
Critical Thinking
Crown of the Magister
Deadly to the touch
Death Adder
Death is only the beginning
Deus Vult
Enchantment? Enchantment!
Every problem looks like a nail
Fire at will
Gold makes Solasta go round
Heroes of Solasta
How do you want to do this?
Humpty Dumpty
1 cast fist!
1 have my doubts
1 need healing!
1 spy with my little eye
1 swear.
I'm not paid enough for that
Ice Ice Baby
Into the Breach
It's Super Effective!
It's just a flesh wound
It's rogue, not rouge
Justice is blind
It's just a flesh wound
It's rogue, not rouge
Justice is blind
Let me see those coins
Master of Abjuration
Master of Conjuration
Master of Evocation
Master of Necromancy
Measure twice, cut once
Melting pot
Monster Hunters
Mutinous thoughts
My faith is my shield
My sword is yours
My tailor is rich
Not on my watch
Shish Kebab
Stay awhile and listen
Step into my realm!
Stop complaining about the taste
That's a lot of magic missiles!
The Old Guard
The classics
The plot thickens
The quill is mightier than the sword
To be or not to be
Wasn't me
Watch your step!
We are friends, not food
We don't negotiate with monsters
What a spellcaster truly needs
Where do you think you're going?
Why can't 1 hold all these magic items?
Worth it
Yer a wizard, Henry
You bow to no one
You get nothing! Good day sir!

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