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Soulcalibur VI: Table for Cheat Engine CODEX 01.10.01 {ZoDDeL}


Health P1 + P2
(P1 found by Hyperion)
found P2 by myself

InstantDeath P1 + P2
was a funny job to find it because of the very strange health value

Gauge / Powerbar P1 + P2
the bar you need to trigger "critical edge" or "soul charge"

Soul Charge P1 + P2
the power boosting effect who also enables stronger moves for some characters.
normally you need 1 powerbar to trigger it. you need to use together with gauge if you wanna do critical edge!

SP Pointer
you need it to buy costumes in character editor or for the museum

Libra of Souls
original pointer made by SalieriYuuki there are pointer for money and exp


Author: ZoDDeL

The source of information - Soulcalibur VI

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