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Soulcalibur VI: Table for Cheat Engine v1.0.1 {SalieriYuuki}

Change Log: 
0.7: Initial Release. Allows modification to 1st and 3rd character slots of LoS (Money and Lv)
0.8: Fixes bad pointer for Slot 3's Money and adds a pointer to Slot 2's Level and Money.
0.85: Increases the options of levels from increments of ten to increments of 1. Adds Level modding to 4th Slot.
0.9: Adds a God Mode feature thanks to Hyperion. Give him a thank you if you use it. 
0.99: Adds a Script Based God Mode (By Cyber), Inf Soul Gage, one Hit KOs as well as option of Full Guard or Zero guard HP. Untested by me so until I can personally test them I will give this a Beta update and say it's experimental. Be sure to thank Cyber below for offering up his Scripts for without him, well. This update wouldn't be here. Plz use responsibly. And offline only.
1.0: Lebra of Souls Update - Implements Eddy's edits to cyber's weapon script to make it functional. Untested, will test later today. Tested the LoS scripts added by Cyber and absolutely cannot get them to work. I'll leave them there in case it's just me.
1.0.1: Working on a working boob slider extension by popular demand

Author: SalieriYuuki

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