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Soulcalibur VI: Table for Cheat Engine v1.1.0 {SalieriYuuki}

Long story short. I'm very new at this. never before done. Pushing out a very bare bones and basic Level and money hack for Labia of Souls. (ik what i said.) so that you can equip new shiny weapons that are too big for your nickers to handle and to let you travel across the map like you're made of gold and just don't care/flip off namco for their new method of unlocking locked character outfits and buy as much SP as you want (I believe the exchange shop is in Dahka city? Did i say that right? too lazy to check. 

I'm really dumb so while testing for XP tables i made my second character max level and somehow it didn't occur to me that finding the value for the XP later on would be a B*tch so...yeah. You get save slot 1 and 3 until i decide to rectify this mistake. it's 5am for me and i gotta be up in about 6hrs so and I got pretty much my entire day fleshed out so chances are if someone doesn't steal this from under me and turbos out the answer to everyone's prayers then I'll get back to updating it as of some time tomorrow afternoon.

(The following content is copy pasted from my other thread. It may have different words then above so it wouldn't hurt to read it) 
So I have the Level and Money values modifiable for Character's 1 and 3 (But not two cause while figuring out the XP table i idiotically made my character max lv and forgot to undo it so I'll have to restart.)

Levels and Money are modifiable via Drop Down menus to allow for Light to Heavy cheating and less guess work for modding XP. Everything has been tested and works. if the money value seems broken, try either re-attaching CE to SC6 or restarting the game. (Restarting the game fixed it for me)
If something doesn't work then please let me know and I'll try to fix it altho I'm a novice so...I'll do my best. 

Change Log: 
1.1.0: Complete Overhaul of the LoS Table. At this point this table is practically the work of Cyber in it's entirety. I did some clean up and Implimented Eddy's findings into the weapon modification scripts as well as performed a little optimisation. Please read the table notes to avoid crashing your game and to help you if the mods aren't working. Scripts were also added for Player 1 and Player 2 Allowing for Infinite HP/Soul Gauge/One hit KOs and Guard Stamina modifcations

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