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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart - Table for Cheat Engine {AlexS}

Try it.
Added to the table a simple script for auto search of base addresses. Now the table works with all versions of the game (I tested versions from the old 2.1.2121 to 2.1.22883).
The language of the table is Russian (I asked which translation of the table into English is better, but no one answered, so I used the table in Russian).

How to use.
Launch the game, activate ScriptS. The values appear in the table. Use the table as usual. The groups "planetary battles" and "hyper-space" are not used.
Important: the script automatically finds and modifies only base addresses. Sometimes, after a game patch, not only the base addresses, but some of the pointer offsets change, they need to be found and fixed manually.

Author: AlexS

The source of information - Space Rangers HD: A War Apart

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