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Spellforce 3: Soul Harvest - Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}

Here's the table with the AOB script.
It's all enabled with specific values; you might want to tweak the defaults in the table to your liking.
The Resourcing Controls in general grants each and every town hall you own with a min. number of resources.
The Unit Controls need a bit more explanation:
- God mode; for all your units; I did not bother with buildings.
- Min. stats is for all your units, both heroes and regular units. Code executes when they take damage, so make sure they get hit at least once. Attribute and Ability points require you to have at least one point available, meaning you won't get any of these extra points until you level up. Consider it a protection mechanism. You can turn this off by commenting out the checks for zero, but I am not sure about its effect on regular units.
- Misc stuff exposes the party XP, XP level and the Gold for now.

Note: Just like the original, this game keeps multiple copies of the same data and same are just for display. I update the real data only, consequently the values won't update on screen immediately - unless of course something triggers that. Damage is obviously updating health. Do a quick save/quick load cycle if you are unsure, that will force the update for sure.

Author: Csimbi

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