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SpellForce 3: Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}

Here's the table with the AOB scripts.
It's all enabled with specific values; you might want to tweak the defaults in the table to your liking.
The Resourcing Controls in general grants each and every town hall you own with a min. number of resources.
The Unit Controls need a bit more explanation:
- God mode; for all your units; I did not bother with buildings.
- Min. Ability Points is for your heroes. Earn a few points, and assign them, but leave 2 points unassigned and hit apply, then the minimum value is restored. Rinse and repeat as desired. Note: if you have only 1 or 0 points left when you hit apply, a different piece of code executes; one I did not hook and hence the min. points can't kick in.
- Min. stats is for all your units, both heroes and regular units. Code executes when they take damage, so make sure they get hit at least once.


Author: Csimbi

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