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Spellforce: Table for Cheat Engine (Platinum v1.61.10171) {armagan}

What it can do:
1) Freeze ability points
2) Freeze stat points
3) Make the hero invincible
4) Infinite mana for the hero
5) Infinite mana for all units. Enemies included.
These bypass requirements:
6) Can use any equipment.
7) Can use any spell.
8) Can use any rune warrior.
9) Can use any rune worker.
10) Instant spawn from monuments.
11) Infinite resources. Fixes to 59876.
12) A script that finds pointers to all UI stat points. These might be useless but at least run, fight, cast addition values are useful. But when you equip or unequip some item, these 3 values return back to normal. I usually change run addition value to 300 to make the run speed 400%.
13) Experience pointer. If you want to import characters for Shadow of the Phoenix, you have to be mindful of two things. First, don't tamper with ability and stats. Only spend what your level gives you. Second, You must be below level 30 and I guess at least level 25.
14) Can buy anything.
15) Find addresses for the first 3 spells in current spellbook page. When you find them, you can change the value that address has and get an item from that slot. Item codes are needed. I'll also put a .txt file [1] that has some item codes. If you want more codes, you can look up from a Spellforce data editor.

Author: armagan

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