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SpiritFarer: Table for Cheat Engine {Chiados}

Spirits Always Ecstatic
Always Have Enough Obols
Infinite Inventory Items
Infinite Glim
Plants Grow Instantly [Garden/Field]
Instant Cooking Timer
[Boat Speed]

Inf. Inventory Items
- Enable the script and then open your inventory. You may need to turn this off when doing things like cooking. I'll add an alternative script later to fix this

Inf. Glim (Currency)
- Enable script and open inventory.

Instant Cooking Timer
- Choose your ingredients. Click to cook. Instantly take out your meal.

Boat Speed
- Enable while on your boat and moving. Switch to CE and freeze the value. This could cause some weird things to happen. Use this at your own risk. (I do not suggest values above 9999)

Spirits Always Ecstatic
- May need to view current mood stats with spirit to show them as estatic/very happy

Always Have Enough Obols
- For those who just want to get abilities quicker but not mess with the rest of the options. Shrines will always display having 9 Obols.

Author: Chiados

The source of information - SpiritFarer

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