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Star Renegades: Achievement Unlocker v1.3.1.0 (Windows Store Version) {SovietWristwatch.jpg}

Very simple table. This allows you to unlock ANY achievement in the game.
Check the box for the achievement you want and it will unlock.


Message Delivered

Revenge Motivation Acquired Lieutenant Liquidator Commander Clobber-er Like A moth To The Flame Attain Core Stability Normcore

... "Harold"?

Come To Mama

Totally 'Rad

Friendship is Magic Procreator


Make The Grade

Hero Sum Grade

Perk-ic Victory C-C-C-COMBO MAKER

Quantum Hopper

Quantum Jumper

Quantum Leaper

Quantum Voyager

Freedom Fighter Anticolonialist

Nemesis of the Imperium

Master of Dimensions

Lord of the Multiverse

Regime Changer

Adversary Of Authoritarians Despot Destroyer

Dictator Disfigurer

Abuser Of Autocrats

Tyrant Toppler

Retirement Ruiner Generational Warfare

Eternals' Rest Deathbringer

Mobster Hunter Gangbuster

Stop That Racket



Boardroom Raider

Hostile Takeover-er

Capital Disaster-ist

1. Target process: starrenegades.exe
2. Activate cheats in the main menu and then load into the game
3. When the red instanceAddress populates with an address, you are ready to unlock achievements

Author: SovietWristwatch.jpg

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