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Star Story: The Horizon Escape - Table for Cheat Engine +9 v1.7.10.26 (32bit) {dharmang1910}


♦ Player Health
♦ Player Max Health
♦ Player Shield
♦ Player Armour
♦ Unlimited Ammo
♦ Unlimited Grenades and Other Weapons
♦ No Cool down of Weapons
♦ Resources not Decrease on Use
♦ 200 Inventory Items


Player pointers are populated when you first hit the enemy during battle.

200 Items are works when you use "Create Items" Table in game and Click on any item to make.

This is unity game so some code are generated when that event happens, so if some option can not activated then let that event happens so code is generated and you can activate that option in table. Like if health option not activated then loss some health then this option can activated.

Author: dharmang1910

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