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Star Traders: Frontiers - Table for Cheat Engine {Froggy}

From the above I made this simple not-really-a-table. The actual memory locations move around every time the game loads so it will not automatically point to the correct memory address. However all you need to do is this (at least this is how I do it, being a noob):

1) Go to the Template creation screen and select "new" or "copy," then find any one of the values via the method mentioned in previous post. So pick skills at 4 points, do a 4 byte scan for 4, then move skills to another level where it says 16, then search for 16, etc. Once you can find any one of them you can then use this pseudo table to find all of them.

2) Just go to the list of values on the table and insert the one value that you just found. If you're using the above as an example, you'd spot the 16 as the value for skills, then go to Skills on the table list, right click, Recalculate New Address and then Change to Address. Once you do that then it will synch up Skills, Attributes, Contacts, Captain Starting Experience Level, Officer Starting Experience Level and Ship Budget to what it shows in the game.

3) You can now change all of these values. Remember, you're not changing the number of points left or points spent, but the point limit. So for skills you'd change it to 110 or so and max out every skill in the game within the Template editor itself. You can raise the contact limit to include 1 of every type of contact that you have available. You can raise your ship budget up (It can go crazy if you go past $50,000,000, so be careful) and buy whatever ship you want (and you get to keep 20% of the leftover as starting cash).

While you can start with both your captain and all starting officers at level 40, there is a catch: If you ever reset you talents in game it will reset their level back to whatever their actual experience points say it should be. So get it right the first time! Also, do not lock the values before hitting the Launch button or you will crash the game.

Author: Froggy

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