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Stardew Valley: Table for Cheat Engine v1.3.28 {Rudo}

Some of the table features:
Exposing a bunch of player variables - health, stamina, money, skill points, ect.
Unlimited scripts: unlimited stamina, unlimited items, unlimited watering can.
Set run speed: set the movement speed of your character
Instant Harvest: crops are available to harvest instantly. You can also change its ID to harvest anything you want: a fish, a tool, anything.
Instant Tree Growth: tried of waiting for trees to grow. Use this script.
Calendar: expose a bunch of timer variable - current time, day, year, season, freeze time
and more!

- In order to activate the scripts, you have to first perform its action first. For example, in order to activate Unlimited Watering Can, you have to first use the Watering Can at least once.
- The table is tested working as 4.28.2017 on Stardew Valley version 1.2.26 - Steam version. It may not work on modded or GOG version.
- Some features may not work on AMD systems. I tested the features on my Intel machine.


Author: Rudo

The source of information - Stardew Valley

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