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Starpoint Gemini 3: Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76]

Enemy Easy Kills *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately. Becareful with this Option. Easy kills applies to the player as well. Collision to non moving objects like asteroid or ships will destroy you when hit even with shields. Use the infinite shields option if you encounter multiple enemies)
Infinite Shields Option 1 & 2 *Hotkey Included* (Provide 2 Options, either both can be use. I recommend activating the Infinite Shields Only without activating the Infinite Health Option unless necessary. Your ships health will not be affected when knock/hit by ships or asteroids in the Campaign mode. However, in other modes like Knight Templar or An Outlaw's Life the ships health is affected)
Infinite Boosters *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately)
Infinite Missiles *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately)
Guns No Cooldown *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately)
1 Billion Credits *Hotkey Included* (Collect some credits and then activate this cheat)
1 Billion Experience Points *Hotkey Included* (Gain some experience points and then activate this cheat. You need to do this once only)
1 Million Cargo Hold *Hotkey Included* (Loot some item and then activate this cheat)

Health pointers (Ship's health value displayed here. You can edit or freeze your health here)
Experience Points (You can edit manually here. Not sure what the max experience points is, so play around)
Skill Points (Skill points will appear here)
Credits 1 (Edit your amount of credits here)
Credits 2 (This is link to Credits 1. So can't change anything here)
(Note: If non the editors work, use the script instead)

Update 2
Infinite Equipment Item Added *Hotkey Included* (Can be activated immediately)

Update 3
Unlimited Skillpoints Added *Hotkey Included* (Use this when upgrading)

Author: ndck76

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