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State of Decay 2: Table for Cheat Engine v1.3232.55.2 {JDimensional}

V6.6.3 - Current:
Fixed: Easy Crafting.
Fixed: Instant Creation/Upgrades.
Fixed: Unlimited Ammo.
Fixed: Unlimited Resources/Influence. - (They changed the way Influence etc is called so now activate script and open your base menu to see change.)
Fixed: Item ID Pointers.
Fixed: Lua error on startup. My apologies.
Added: Minimum Items - Highlight the item you want to be x1 then reopen inventory.
Added: Remove Parts (For People Who Salvaged High Durability Weapons) - Activate script then open your supply locker once then disable script. To see the fixed stacks you will have to reload your save.
Fixed: Teleport to way-point. (Player & Vehicle)


Author: JDimensional

The source of information - State of Decay 2

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