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State of Decay 2: Table for Cheat Engine {JDimensional}

V6.1 - Current:
Added undo teleport function to the teleport script and tidied it up a little.

Enable Teleport Script:
Ctrl+Numpad 7 to save location.
Ctrl+Numpad 8 to teleport to saved location.
Ctrl+Numpad 9 to undo teleport and go back to last spot before you teleport-ed.

When using weapon stats I would advise using No Reload, No Sway, No Recoil, No Spread, Unlimited Weapon Durability and Unlimited Survivor Health as stats apply to all weapons when fired - (NPCs as well.) To remove effects, disable script then change weapon.

*WARNING* - Weapon Stats also affects NPCs at the moment, use at your own risk. Max Power will probably get your Survivors killed by hostile enclaves.

*WARNING* - Teleportation should always be done with Health cheats activated.


Author: JDimensional

The source of information - State of Decay 2

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