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SteamWorld Dig 2 - Windows Store Version - Table for Cheat Engine {SovietWristwatch.jpg}


  • Super Godmode (collision/projectiles/some instant-deaths)
  • Unlimited Currency (gold and cogs)
  • Unlimited Torch
  • Unlimited Pressure Bombs
  • Unlimited Jet Engine
  • XP Multiplier (2x)
  • Resource Pickup Modifier (5x)
  • Instant Dig
  • Walk Through Closed Gates
    • Also Walk Through Small/Large Rocks

Teleportation *

  • X [Del / PgDn]
  • Y [Home / End]

Useful Pointers

  • Health
  • XP
  • Gold
  • Cogs

Gold Star Conditions

  • Don't track player deaths
  • Wealth
  • Speedrun time pointer
  • Secrets % **

* Use the hotkeys to move around, and through walls. Hold [Ctrl] for fine tuning or [Shift] for faster movement. NOTE: Due to how the "physics" in this game works, if you pass through too many unbreakable objects, your character won't be able to move. To fix it, simply teleport over to a cave/fast travel location and enter/exit it. You will regain your movement ability
** Untested, might not give 100%

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