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Stellaris: MegaCorp - Table for Cheat Engine v2.6.1 {tfigment}

Here is an fork/update of the table for 2.6.1 (stellaris_test) also happens to work with 2.6.0 (Main release). I found most of the injection points except for MOPS (Planetary Stability) which seems to be removed and MIM5 in the 2.6.0 Beta but I did not fix all of the scripts cause its a lot and time consuming and I only mostly use the pointers. Probably a decent starting point for someone else to fix the rest of the scripts which are commented out.

Anyway, this is mostly a pointers update and most of the fun codes are not working. Instant Movement does not work. Please dont ask about it as it doesn't work and I'm done updating the table for now and we wait for official update from Recifense or TranscendPerfection or something.

I've also introduced a new data type "Integer8 (x100000)" because I find it annoying to work with the scaled values. This will automatically show the scale numbers without rounding. When changing it will preserve the remainder and will reapply the remainder to the changed number (if you dont like that change the type back to 8 Byte).

Author: tfigment

The source of information - Stellaris: MegaCorp

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