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Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - Table for Cheat Engine {HidE}

More for those who keep asking Mines level. I provide it with player location.
Seems the game using id each location, Spring mines from 61, so if you want to rush floor 102 for something something, go inside change location with the floor before 102, 61+ 101 then the next you go down and you know it. *Skip floor = Not trigger event.

-Record Table (Best Game harvest sprite, Mines Depth, Moles)
-Player Table (Appearance/Clothing, Location) +Disclaimer : I'm NOT supporting any pirate thing. If you have money then buy the item, other than that this just for mod.
-Relationship Table(-Not all character got ask & give address, Just copy from other entry then tada. Harvest Sprites thing game level-skill-jobs etc.)

Author: HidE

The source of information - Story of Seasons

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