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Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg - Table for Cheat Engine {***KNATHRAK***}

This is my first attempt at creating a CE table. Here is a very simple one for Strategic Mind Blitzkrieg with the following features:
- Mega prestige (spend some to activate).
- Unlimited command points.
- Mega victory points (spend some to activate).
- Unlimited fuel.
- Unlimited ammo.
- Unlimited attacks (does not work with ships).
- Unlimited moves (scouts and submarines only)
- Mega unit XP (max unit veterancy is capped at lvl 5).

Important notes:
1. All cheats work only for the player.
2. Created for Win10 64-bit.
3. Tested on game version 1.22.

Author: ***KNATHRAK***

The source of information - Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg

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