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Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones - Table for Cheat Engine {The Mogician}

Pointer Table for:
-Character Creation:
The character creation section allows you to modify attribute points and skill points.
-Selected Character Sheet:
This section allows you to modify health, sanity, xp, skill points, level and angst.
If you want all the merits, read this carefully so you don't get stuck. If you want all the merits, use the XP pointer to change xp to a high number like 1 million, so each action netting you xp levels you up, until you reach lvl 10. Level up normally until you reach level 10, the level cap. If you cheated a maxed skill character, use the skill point pointer and set it to 0 so you won't get stuck. After leveling up to lvl 10, use the level pointer to change the level to 8 and lock it there, now you can keep adding merits/perks until there are 2 perks left (some perks have multiple levels, so be careful), unlock the value, add the last two merits/perks and you will have a perfect character. The reason why you want it to be on the level cap is due to if you get any extra level ups, you will get stuck due to there being no more perks available for you.

It seems that reloading a save when you have the table on may mess up the character sheet pointers for some reason.

Meanwhile, if the pointers are messed up, use this for reference:
Characters have 5 pointers that are related: health, sanity, xp, skill points and level (you might need a hex calculator for this to work).
address of sanity is health +4,
address of xp is sanity -78,
address of SP is xp +10,
address of the level is SP -4.
So, you can use a groupscan to figure out the health/sanity first, then use those as jumping points for the rest of the values.

Author: The Mogician

The source of information - Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

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