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Subnautica: Below Zero - Table for Cheat Engine Build 44290 {PeaceBeUponYou}


  • Scripts:
    • Enable Console ;Enables Consoles. Use tilde (~) key to open console in game.
    • Dump Console Commands ;Dumps console commands on desktop, alternatively use [Link] for proper descriptions.
    • Invincibility ;Turns Player Invincible to any damage. You can also use pointer.
    • Cold Resistance ;Temperature will not drop.
    • No Oxygen Consumption ;Oxygen will not deplete.
    • Disable Survival Stats ;Disables depletion of stats like Hunger and Thirst.
    • No Battery Charge Reduction ;Battery charge will not decrease in any equipment/item.
    • Scanner Room Modifier ;A few pointer to some very important attributes of Scanner Room.
    • Objects Scanner ;Allows you to scan any object as any other object and much more. Read details in next post.
    • Unlimited Scans ;Can rescan an already scanned object.
    • Convert Item ;Pickup any object as a different object. Read details in next post.
  • Pointers:
    • Player ;Pointers to all attributes of Player!
    • All Items/Entities in Game ;1153 Pointers!, to all the objects in the game, (entities/items/equipments)

Author: PeaceBeUponYou

The source of information - Subnautica: Below Zero

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