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Suikoden 2: Table for Cheat Engine {SinStar87}

All characters should be addressed, with enabler for the 2 octipii monsters so you can get them after the other 2 star monsters. Various war battle codes that should make them go easily, not very comprehensive til the 6th battle tho cause I ddin't figure them out til then. In battle hp codes are hit or miss and idk why. Time addresses for clives quest, escapes for stallion, trade profits for trader, fishing codes; always catch and caught for cooking amounts. Investigation timer so you can finish investigations instantly(has a hotkey for 999 on my controller, can edit it to your controls, using it after setting the investigation but before it drops back to the barracks screen with complete it without richmond leaving.) Cooking ingredient amounts for setting up menu.

Item and (some) Character gear addresses, but editing either the active party or inventory will crash the game when trying to view either, but can be set by editing then saving and loading the save. Inactive members addresses that you can strip seem to work fine(I use anita's addresses as she never seems to be inactive).

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