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Sundered: Eldritch Edition - Table for Cheat Engine {cfemen}


God Mode:
-health wont drop and player gets no damage effect

Inf Jumps:
-you can jump as often you want in the air

Ignore Shards & Remove Max Skill Limitation
you can buy skills regardless of your shard amount, shards will still drop until reach 0
it also ignores the max limit for the skills, you can updrade a skill as often you want.

Finisher Always Ready
-as title says

Ignore Heal Item
-you can heal regardless of the heal item amount.

Ignore Energy
-you can keep dashing even if the bar is emptied.

Damage Multiplier x?
-activate script and set x? to any value you want (default 2)

Get Difficulty
the game has a option to lower the difficulty, but you cant set it higher, so i made this script:
-activate script(not in the safe/skill room) to show the current difficulty, you can change it now from the dropdown menu.

Author: cfemen

The source of information - Sundered: Eldritch Edition

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