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Sundered: Table for Cheat Engine +9 u5 {Cielos}


- you can't be damaged at all.

- you still take damage but you won't die.

damage multiplier
- multiply the damage of your attack.
- multiplier can be changed via the entry.
- default multiplier: x2
- default multiplier can be changed by editing the script, line 3.

ignore energy
- you can always use dodge, fire cannon, etc., regardless of how much energy you've got.
- energy bar still decrease until it reaches zero when used.

ignore ammo
- you can keep firing the cannon regardless of the current ammo (blue bar).
- ammo still decrease until it reaches zero when used.

enable finisher
- allows you to use the finisher anytime you want without the need to "charge" it up with successive attacks first.

ignore health elixir
- you can heal yourself without any health elixir.

ignore shards + ignore max upgrade
- you can upgrade any skills regardless of your remaining shards.
- you can upgrade past the max upgrade threshold.
- shards still decrease until it reaches zero.

faster move
- as title suggests.
- you can change the speed by editing the "speed" entry.

- for the "Finisher Update", patch "20170817" and "20170804" on x64, unknown version on x86.
- utilize CE's mono data gathering feature, scripts can be activated once the game is booted up.


Author: Cielos

The source of information - Sundered

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