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Sunless Sea: Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}

I built a bunch of scripts for it and I put it in this table.
Scripts are AOB so they might work with other releases, too, although there are some fixed offsets I use, so it might actually misbehave or crash.
The table includes and auto-attach LUA script, so I signed it to avoid prompts when opening the table.
It will try to find the right process every 5 seconds and attach.
Enabling the script will cause CE to hang for a short while depending on your PC's speed, this is normal - just sit tight.
Anyway, here's a rundown on the things included:
Skip Save Token; When enabled, the game won't take your token on manual save.
Free Purchases; in any store you can buy items for free, the currency won't be taken from you. Note: you are still required to have the right amount to begin with. If you want more of some currency, just do a a few Sell/Buy cycles.
Always Win Challenge; Will force all challenges to be successful. Iron, Hearts, Luck, whatever.
Fragment Gain Mod; Allows you to scale the amount of fragments you get for discovering places (i.e. applies in boat updates only, not in dialogs, etc.)
Terror Gain Cap; applies a hard cap on your terror level on the zee (i.e. applies in boat updates only, not in dialogs, etc.)
No Hunger; prevents increasing hunger on the zee (i.e. applies in boat updates only, not in dialogs, etc.)
Infinite Auto Barrels; your ship will still consume fuel, but when you run out, the barrel used for refill won't be taken from you.
Ignore Damage from Beast Attacks; sort of "God Mode vs. enemies only". You can still take damage from bumping into rocks, etc.
Repair Takes No Supply; and name suggests. You will need at least one unit of supplies to being repairs though.
Repair Time Mod; allows you to scale the pace of boat repairs.
Attack Warm Time Mod; allows you to scale the pace of firing solution calculations.
MoveSpeedMod; allows you to apply mods to your move speed in two steps. Hold SHIFT for the first step and also hold ALT for both steps.
Resources; This is basically two collections. One where you specify the resources you want (you can also set this up inside the script permanently if you want). And there's the second collection where the resources show up when they are found. They will only be found in case the game accesses them. Opening the Gazzette usually does it, but sometimes you will need to go through some dialog to trigger access to the resources. Note: The dropdown includes all IDs while quite a few of these are actually event IDs (and therefore they will not be picked up as resources).

Author: Csimbi

The source of information - Sunless Sea

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