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Sunless Skies: Table for Cheat Engine {Khayman}

Table v06
Unstable pointer scans removed
Added pointer scan to maxHold - activate, input current maxhold, equip something, more stable but still not perfect

Table v05
Character Pointer Scan - veils, hearts, iron, mirrors, hull, crew - warning, pointers can be unstable

Table v04
Max Cargo, Max Crew, Max Hull x10 - use at your own risk, effects may vary, best to activate in main menu

Table v03
Fuel Full Script
Suppy Full Script

Table v02
NoHeat Script
Max Heat Pointer Scan - obsolete

Tested on GOG version

Table v01
Max Heat Pointer Scan
Tested on version 1.0


Author: Khayman

The source of information - Sunless Skies

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