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Sunset Drive 1986: Table for Cheat Engine v4.25.3.0 {ndck76}

Infinite Nitrous *Hotkey Included* (When using nitrous, use abit and let go and use it again)
Freeze Time Rush Countdown *Hotkey Included* (No conditions needed)
Freeze Distance Rush Countdown *Hotkey Included* (No conditions needed)
1 Billion Experience Points *Hotkey Included* (Activate before the current stage time ends or just use the editor to manually edit the value of your choice)
900 Million Money *Hotkey Included* (Use this when buying furnitures. When you activate the cheat it's value is shown as 0. Deactivate it will reveal the desired amount. Please note you ONLY need to do this once because there is a bug in the game where you cannot scroll in the mission menu to claim your reward which might have something to do with the amount of value cannot be more than 1 Billion)

- Experience Editor
- Time Rush Time Editor
- Distance Rush Time Editor
- Running Timer Editor

Author: ndck76

The source of information - Sunset Drive 1986

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