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Sunset Overdrive: Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos}

- player's health still drop when being hit but you won't die.
- Glider's health won't drop at all when being hit. crashing into building still results in instant fail it seems.

ignore ammo
- you can fire the guns regardless of the remaining ammo.
- guns' ammo still drop until they reach zero.
- Glider's rockets still decrease but it will never reaches zero.
- for player's guns, you CANNOT use next/previous keys (game default: mouse-wheel scroll) to a gun with zero ammo, but you CAN still switch to zero-ammo-guns by using the short-cut keys (game default: 1-8) instead. if you don't like that, activate ">=1" script as well (can be found under ignore ammo script) to prevent ammos from reaching zero, so that you can use next/previous keys to select all weapons.

massive Glider power
- set the max power of the Glider to 8000000, while the game's default max Glider power is 50. so the power is virtually unlimited.

max style
- as title suggests, style bar will be maxed out always when activated.
- you can press numpad0 + numpad- to reset the style bar to zero without de-activating the script itself, in case you want to stop the music when you're not in battle. not that after you press the hot-key, you may need to wait a few second for the bar to empty and a few more seconds after that for the music to stop.
- you can press numpad0 + numpad+ to switch it on again, and the style bar will be maxed immediately.

inf. countdown
- countdown won't drop below the "min countdown" specified. default: 3 (in sec).
- pointer to the "countdown" itself can be found after the script is activated, and would be updated when you've entered a countdown game mode. you can freely edit the value if you want to, but DON'T freeze this pointer unless you know what you're doing.
- you can press Shift + CapsLock + P to reset countdown to ZERO to complete the protect missions immediately. but by doing so you can potentially skip some new enemies showcase when they first appear if they are introduced in a protect mission. so, use with caution.

walk key
- hold CapsLock and move to walk.


Author: Cielos

The source of information - Sunset Overdrive

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