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Super Bomberman R: Table for Cheat Engine {Negan}

Game version: 2.2 or also known as

This table contains the following cheats:
1) Power-Ups (Max value is 8 for each) [Lay a bomb to activate]
- Firepower (Blast Radius)
- Bombs
- Speed
2) Unlimited Gems
3) Unlimited Lives
4) Invincibility

To make these work, make sure of 3 things:
1) Make sure you wait for it to activate it's doing an 'aobscan' as opposed to the regular 'aobscanmodule' so it takes longer to activate. give it a minute to activate.
2) Make sure you are in-game before trying to activate these. example, to activate power ups, invincibility, unlimited lives you have to have started the game, like go story mode start the level whatever, once the level begins, pause the game or whatever and go activate your cheats now. and to activate max gems make sure you are IN SHOP already, if you try activating it outside of shop, it won't activate.
3) if something is still not activating it means you fked up by trying to activate it before you entered the game (too soon) don't try to activate it on the menu, go in-game then activate it. so if you fucked it up and its still not activating, just restart the game and restart cheat engine too. and this time make sure you activate it once you're in-game or in shop depending on which cheats you're using.

if you set bombs to 8, it won't show you have 8 bombs updated on the hud, but its ok, it doesn't need to update for bombs because if try you can still lay 8 bombs without having to refresh the game by picking up a bombs power-up.
For Speed, game needs to refresh so you have to pick up a speed power-up after setting value to 7. If you set speed value to 8 and pick up a Speed power-up in game, nothing happens. so set it to 7 instead, then pick up a speed power-up. Or if you're picking up a Speed power-down, then set the value to like 9 instead so that when you pick up the power-down, it goes from 9 to 8.

Author: Negan

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