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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission - Table for Cheat Engine +8 {GreenHouse}


- Infinite Health
Your team will always be at full health.

- Infinite Stamina
Your team will always have the maximum stamina.

- Infinite Zeni
You'll get 999k Zeni.

- Max Battle Score
You'll always have 99k Battle Score.

- Insta-Max Burst Mode
When you get into the Burst Mode or Awaken Burst mode, you'll max it out instantly.

- Perfect Battle CI
Perfect CI for battle, it will always be at the max value. You'll just need to press 'Enter'.

- Perfect Minigame CI
The same as 'Perfect Battle CI', but for minigames that use CI.

- Infinite Gacha Tickets
You'll get 999 Gacha Tickets of each type.


Author: GreenHouse

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