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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission - Table for Cheat Engine v1.05 {lampuiho}


Auto Insta-Max Burst Mode

Auto Win Minigame CI

Auto Win Battle CI

Auto Insta-Max Transform

Auto Insta-Max Capsule

Auto Charge Kamehameha Clash

Auto Pursuit

Infinite Card Points
Custom card creation ignores card available points. You must run lua script and activate this each time you start the game to make your illegal cards 'legal'. DON'T USE THOSE ILLEGAL CARDS ONLINE AGAINST OTHERS

Card Item Menu Patch
Makes every single item available for use for custom card creation. This includes those OP enemy only mission items. AGAIN DO NOT USE THEM ONLINE

Player EXP Multiplier
Default multiplier: 2^6. Using my own code now instead of the injection point of Fling. No longer allocates any memory. It will look like you used an item for the exp multiplier but it actually doesn't. Please don't use an exp item. I'm not sure if the game cleans up the linked list properly.

Com EXP Multiplier
Camaraderie experience multiplier x128 (0x43000000 in case you don't know where the multiplier is and change it yourself)
Same with player exp multiplier. Will look like you use an item.

Ally EXP Multiplier
Default is 2^5

Infinite Zeni at Store
Ignores your Zeni so you can buy any amount of items. I only tested the store for accessories and items.

Zeni Multiplier
Multiply Zeni received by 2^6

Author: lampuiho

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