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Supraland: Table for Cheat Engine v1.2B Steam {Csimbi}

The script exposes these pointers:
- iAwesome; these are the stars required for some buttons
- fSwordCritDamageChance; 0.1 means 10%
- iSwordDamage
- fHealth; this is the current one, freeze for god mode
- fMaxHealth
- iRegenCap; increase this to regen more health, but keep it <= fMaxHealth
- fArmour
- iCoins
- iMaxCoins
- fGunCooldown; 0.5 means it fires twice as fast
- fShooterDamage; this is for the red gun for now simply because this is the only one I found so far
- fGunCritDamageChance; 0.1 means 10%
- iJumpsLeft; this is the current one (might be zero of you have not jumped yet), so, set to, say, 3, and then freeze for an infinite jump chain -> watch who steals this hack 
- fGunEnergy; 1.0 means full charge, so freeze it there

Author: Csimbi

The source of information - Supraland

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