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Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris - Table for Cheat Engine {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
Damage Modifier (God Mode, One Hit Kill, Enemy Damage Multiplier, Hero Damage Multiplier, etc)
Infinite SP
Infinite Stamina
Infinite Item Usage / Set Minimum Amount On Use
EXP Multiplier
Infinite Skill Points
Equipped Buffs Max Out Parameters (Use for 100% Critical, Equip Pierce Weakness After Enabling)
No Crafting Material Requirement (Material Type Items)
NPC Trust Multiplier (Crafting Requests)
Crafting Skill Level Multiplier (Crafting Requests)
Weapon Proficiency Multiplier
Max/Infinite Arts Gauge In One Hit
Pointer to Shia (Money) (Found by Minicoops9)
Pointer to Skill Points
Pointers to Current Controlled Character Stats (HP, SP, STR, VIT, DEX, AGL)
Pointer to HIghlighted Item Editor (ID, Type, Qty and Many Item Parameters)

Author: DrummerIX

The source of information - Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycor

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