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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Table for Cheat Engine +18 v1.70 {Cielos}


- health still drop but you won't die.
- you can choose to cover the whole party by selecting from the status drop-down-list.

no reload
- ammo clip won't decrease below 1, aka no reload...

inf. ammo pouch
- ammo pouch of the equipped weapon wont drop below 100.

UFG range multiplier
- UFG range will be multiplied by the speicified x?, can be changed via the entry. default x10, can be changed by editing the script, line 3.
- although your UFG cover a much larger area now, a timer would keep you from "flying" in the air too long when you're reeling in. be prepared to attach the UFG somewhere when you got cut off mid-air.

ignore cooldown
- you can use the skills again right away without the need to wait for the cooldown.

ignore weapon art gauge
- you can execute the weapon art anytime regardless of the gauge.
- gauge would still be reset to zero after using weapon art.

ignore credits
- buy/appraise/enhance/transform anything at any amount of them you want, regardless of the current credits you have.
- credits still drop until it reaches zero.

ignore materials
- allows you to enhance weapon or create outfits without any of the required materials.
- for outfits, you still need the outfit design first, or you can activate ignore outfit design together.

ignore outfit design
- allows you to create an outfit without obtaining its design first.
- you still need to have the required materials ready first, or you can activate ignore materials together.

ignore CP
- adjust the stats freely, regardless of how much CP you have.
- CP could appear at a negative number if you used more than you owned. I think it's better this way so that you can re-adjust it back to the "ligit" figures if you want.

ignore SP / skill requirements
- you can buy any skills regardless of the stats requirements and your current SP. SP still drop until it reaches zero when you learn new skills.
- you can equip any skills you own regardless of your current stats.

ignore equip stats requirements
- you can equip anything regardless of the stats requirements.

ignore equip gender
- girl can equip boy equipment, boy can equip girl equipment.

instant max skill/gadget proficiency
- use skill/gadget once to get 100%.

instant max weapon proficiency
- successfully hit a target with your weapon once to get 100%.

max affinity
- view a character in the Friend List when activated, and his/her affinity would be maxed. you may still need to do something in-game that affect his/her affinity once for extra dialogue/cut-scene to occur.

walk key
- press and hold the specified key and move to walk. should be useful for keyboard+mouse user.
- you can change the key via the entry, default: CapsLock key, can be changed by editing the script, line 3.

highlighted item
- when activated, would add the [chips] pointers if the highlighted item is weapon/accessory, remove if it's not.
- changing the # of chips would update the [chips] pointers in real-time.
- DO NOT change # of chips IF the weapon / accessory has no chip to start with. only edit the chip related value if the item has at least 1 chip with it.
- you can't raise # of chips above 8 for weapons, or 4 for accessories.
- script might be buggy. for now, if an lua error popped-up, just re-activate the script.
- after you've edited the chip, you need to re-highlight the item in-game to view the changes.
- you should de-activate the script after you finish your editing. re-activate it when you need to edit again.

Author: Cielos

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